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Pool Trends 2020

Pool design is currently going through a renaissance as pool owners look for a more refined, simple design. The days of flashy glass windows and swim-up bars are behind us.


Agave ‘Blue Glow’

A plant we’re loving right now is the Agave ‘Blue Glow’… This stunning Agave grows to 60cm tall and wide, with wide green-blue leaves.


InsideOut Magazine Feature

A garden we designed & installed in Bondi was recently featured in InsideOut Magazine.


A History of Community Gardening (and Where it Stands Within Society Today)

Community gardens can be wonderful places where locals can unite to grow plants (generally of the edible variety), share these plants with others, and connect with their community.


Neomarica Gracilis – Walking Iris

The Neomarica gracilis gets it’s common name; Walking Iris due to the amazing method this plant self-propagates. As the gorgeous blue & white flowers appear, they become too heavy for the leaves to support. The leaves then fall to the ground with the flower still attached and take root creating a new plantlet. Given enough room the Neomarica gracilis will “walk” through the garden…


Blue Birds

It’s nothing new that succulents have taken the world by storm. Their no-fuss, low maintenance characteristics make them perfect for even the blackest of thumbs.


Creating Texture in the Garden

Texture is what makes a planted garden great. By implementing a planting scheme with contrasting form, foliage and texture, one can create interest and dimension within the garden.