News — Posted 08/01/2014

Redfern Rooftop Garden

“Wild and woolly please!”

That was the design brief from our clients of this Redfern Rooftop Garden in Sydney. Not only is the rooftop garden 5 stories up, but when we started it was basically just a concrete playground and a completely bare canvas.

The total rooftop area is over 100sqm and it gets really windy up there, so we had to be super careful with our plant selection. Our clients wanted to steer clear of traditional rooftop/balcony garden plants such as Yuccas and Agaves. We ended up using a mixture of hardy native shrubs & grasses combined with the edible plants such as citrus and veggies.

All the pots are from our exclusive ‘Tom & Jerry’ range and are made from a light weight concrete-fiber product, making them perfect for balconies and rooftop gardens. We installed a fully automatic irrigation system, which is essential for Sydney rooftop gardens.

The timber bench seat is Spotted Gum and includes the built in planters to house the Tuckeroos. The other feature we love is the cut-down water tank veggie garden, which surprisingly looks completely in place up there, on an inner city rooftop.

We’ll be getting the project professionally photographed soon, so stay tuned for some amazing shots once the plants begin to grow….

Redfern Rooftop GardenRedfern Rooftop GardenRedfern Rooftop GardenIMG_3518Redfern Rooftop GardenRedfern Rooftop GardenRedfern Rooftop Garden